Core Power Yoga with my Jami Gir

When I find my niche in exercise, I stick with it.  I find new areas of fitness and physical activity every 6 months to a year.  I love feeling stronger and accomplished.  I love learning somethng new and also being great at what I do.  This is where most exercise enthusiasts fail.  Most people go to the gym, pick up a dumbbell and count to 25 before realizing that they are bored, and unfamiliar with what to do next.  Most of these people quit.  Not good.  If this is you, you must find a situation that best fits you.  In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I discuss the necessity of finding an activity(ies) that suit your interest.  Join a league, for example.  Go with a partner.  Try different things and experiment a little.  Groupon allows you to do this!  Ask around.  What are other people doing and liking these days?  Why?   Might this be something you love?  If so, go for it!

I personally found my niche in sports and yoga.  I love playing a variety of different sports, and when not on a tennis court or in a softball game, I am practicing high intensity yoga in 98 degree temperature.  I feel amazing afterward even though teachers like Jami girl kick your booty in the process.

Part of choosing the right niche for you is liking the people that you associate with in the activity.  My love for the teachers at Core Power Yoga gets me coming back for more.  Prior to entering the studio, I always tell the girls and guys to give me lots of love in class.  And they do.  For me, since I give lots of love during the day to my patients and clients, I love getting love in return, which is why I love this place.  Pushing your fitness level improves your performance in everything you do.  Having a strong training program allows you to possess true integrity for yourself and for your team.  Integrity is being the best for you and others around you, even when people aren’t looking.  So, when finding your niche workout regimen, think about what and who you want to be.  How hard do you wanna work? What characteristics in this place are you looking for?  Get Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools to help you determine what fits you.

If you’re in Los Angeles, or any place that Core Power Yoga is, then feel free to use your free week now.  Your potential is executed while your mind is transformed to a place of ability and desire to be at your best.  I love Core Power Yoga teachers, including my girl in the video below.  Make these holiday months ahead active and full of good nutrition by finding your niche today.  Do not wait until the new year.  New Year’s resolutions are for amateurs, not for optimal human beings who really want to make a difference in themselves, for themselves and for the ones they love!