6 Tips to Avoiding the Holiday 6

‘Tis the season to eat junk food, fa la la la la, la la la la….However, if you go in with an action plan then it won’t be as bad.  Follow these 6 simple tips to avoid the Holiday 6! They work, so work them!

1) Before every party, eat.  Prepare yourself a big dinner salad with lots of colorful vegetables and a lean protein. This bulk will fill you up and cut back on the desperation of hunger when you arrive at your party.
2) Eat throughout the day.  Many of you save your appetite for dinner knowing that you are going to a party.  This is the worst. No matter how ya look at it, consuming too many calories at night is treacherous for your blood sugars,your metabolism and your ability to sleep well.  Poor sleep equals belly fat gain.  
3) Exercise the day of the party.  There is no better way to elevate your metabolism like exercise.  When you do a high intensity interval workout, you elevate your metabolism through EPOC which is an acronym that means you are paying back the oxygen debt in your cells created by your workout.  That payback elevates the heck out of your metabolism for up to 24 hours so imagine elevating your metabolism so that you can enjoy that piece of pumpkin pie?
4) Look at your calendar and ask yourself which 2 events (4 max) that you are going to just allow yourself to let go for one meal that day.  Every other day, other than those 2-4 events should remain on plan
5) Drink 16 oz more of water on your “fun” days than you normally do.
6) Consider bringing a healthy dish to any party you go to so that you have a guaranteed healthy option

There is no need to fret this holiday season.  Enjoy yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Treat your body like the temple it is and you will feel so much better in the long run.  If you are treating yourself that day, then enjoy every moment and stop feeling an ounce of guilt. Happy Holidays!