Tennis Ball Therapy

A few months ago, I wrote a self myofascial routine titled Foam Roll Roll It Out. In this article, I discussed the benefits of foam rolling for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Over the recent months, I’ve been asked about the feasibility of bringing this program on the road. Because foam rollers are big and bulky, it’s almost impossible to take with you for travel. Therefore, a wonderful alternative is to use a tennis ball.

A tennis ball is cheap, portable and excellent for trigger point therapy. According to doctor of physical therapy and owner of Joint Effort Medical Center, Dr Mike Shapow, DPT, PhD, “Holding a tennis ball on a muscle for 30 seconds inhibits the motor nerves in the muscle which is responsible for cramps and knots along the muscle fibers. This sustained stretch can break up these spasms, causing the muscle to release and relax. I was the LA marathon doctor for seven years and was known as the cramp doctor since I used this technique for all the runners. It is a successful technique.”

So grab your ball and get ready to feel great. The following trigger points are excellent for beginners and for anyone who is very active. Perform these therapies once a day. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds to a minute. Focus on deep breathing to release the tension from your entire body, including your mind.

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