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For those of you who have met me personally at some point in your life journey, you may have noticed that I am extremely passionate about what I do in assisting people to lead healthier lifestyles that not only fit each person, but that is sustainable, realistic, and easy to follow.  For those of you who don’t know me, please know now that I am on a tremendous mission: I want to break the chains of obesity in this country.  I wanna witness people taking more ownership over their personal journeys of self evolution and stop the BS with new trend diets and crazy workout plans that thrash the body.  What a gift it is to be able to make choices as to whether we age with care or whether we age carelessly.  Which do you pick?

On, I pledge my commitment to you to continue providing you with amazing recipes, lifestyle tips, and new exercise programs that last no longer than 25 minutes.  Be sure to always consult your doc before starting a new exercise plan!  I know that when people train right, they don’t need to take on the elite athlete training schedule.  It just isn’t realistic, and for most of you, not even recommended.  So check out this site each month for a new workout.

For December, I decided to invite an amazing girl by the name of Alex Curtis who is one of the main yoga experts at my favorite place, Core Power Yoga on Wilshire in Los Angeles.  In this workout, she guides you through a 20 minute easy-to-do yoga routine that literally lasts for less than 20 minutes.  This routine can be done 3 days a week, anywhere.  The beauty of this program is that it is so easy once you get it.  So please, take a moment to review it, watch the youtube video, and subscribe to my channel so that you can stay afloat on all the latest innovative fitness programs that I conjure up in my little brain.  Also, be sure to get on that JZ FITNESS TIMES newsletter and tell your friends, your family, your family’s friends, and virtually everyone you smile at today. (hee hee)  I will be sharing a phone app roll out that is in the works and you wanna know when this thing comes out-trust me!  It will be announced in my newsletter.

So, enjoy the YOGA XPress workout and please check out my girl Alex Curtis.  Heck, drop in for a class at Core Power and visit my girls Vy, Kumi, Alex, Elissa, Mary A and the gang.  Otherwise enjoy my girl Alex and her expertise right in the comfort of your own space with THIS WORKOUT which was featured on the Huffington Post.  Enjoy your holidays, the fit way! xo JZ