Core Power Yoga experience

After a very long day of strategically working and managing my time to accommodate all the tasks put out for myself in a day, I still find the time to make way to my yoga mat at Core Power Yoga.  I have never in my life been exposed to a place that is so welcoming to me every time I walk through the doors.  As someone who gives a lot of heart and soul into everything I do and for everyone I do for, it is the most amazing feeling to feel the love and welcome I feel every time I go to Core Power Yoga on Wilshire in Brentwood.

The teachers there are all amazing.  I have never taken Marxel A. Lavallier Leobez’s class, and apparently, according to Marcy (the girl to my left), his class is “killer!”  “You will sweat!” she said!  Ok, I thought…JZ likes to sweat, so that’s a plus!  Within moments, I was kindly asked to move my mat over an inch to accommodate a young, very lean man who wished to be next to me.  And so, I moved over and then he decided to not be next to me, rather go more center stage.  I asked him, “Oh, you don’t wanna be next to me anymore?”  And he responded with, “I have to be here.”  So I asked the girl to my right (Martha was her name) why he’s over there, and she said, “Oh, that’s Marxel A. Lavallier Leobez, our teacher!”  Ah….Let the good times begin!

Well, let me put it to you this way, as an athlete, I said, bring it on brother!  Show me watcha got.  And he did.  This man had the class going without stop for the full hour in 100+ degree temperature.  I got wetter in his class than I do when I come out of the shower.  I have never in my life sweat this much.  I had to fill up a second water bottle to rehydrate.  It was off the charts this class!  WOOOOOW!

I love being challenged.  I know many people do.  Some people who are trying to get into shape may be timid to attend such a class.  I have learned, over the years, that you must dive in head first and take the leap of faith in everything you do.  Don’t overthink it, just do it!  You may want to work your way up to classes like Marxel. Or, perhaps you see the eye in the tiger in yourself and take his class with the intentions of doing your best!  You only live once.  Surprise yourself.  Be bold!  Check out my video clip..(some girls don’t even have to try and they are naturally beautiful!-LOL)