Core power yoga gives you the power

Picture a place that has positive energy the second you step foot through the doors, where the people are friendly and excited to see you, and the ambiance of the room is quite serene.  Imagine escaping into an hour of sweat, work and exertion, while feeling the mental bliss of relaxation in your shavasana.  I know.  Sounds way impossible, but not quite so.

Core Power Yoga on Wilshire in Los Angeles has certainly ascertained that top quality feeling for the workaholic who needs a great workout in an hour, and needs a calm drift of mental relaxation.  Not only is my girl Liz Arch on the schedule, but Kumi, Alyssa, Kaleigh, Mary, Marxell, Elissa (the list goes on…) are part of the team of individuals who host fabulous routines in 98 degree or more temperature.  Hot and sweaty you leave feeling detoxified.  Not quite exhausted, but liberated, you leave feeling inspired.  How does this studio achieve this?  Simple.

First, they are passionate about the philosophies of yoga, and certainly practice what they preach.  Other than my pal Tamal Dodge, I have never in my life experienced such committed individuals to the philosophies of yoga.  Yoga, if you don’t already know, is your union with your creator.  When you understand how to surrender, you actually open yourself up to receiving.  No, you don’t receive a paycheck for a million dollars when you open your eyes after a shavasana, rather, you receive clarity on how to perhaps go forward in the direction of earning that million.  Is that a guarantee?  Well, how hard are you willing to work?  How much do you believe in yourself?  How patient are you?  How healthy is your body?  Being healthy doesn’t just mean dieting and exercising. It means having the ability to connect your heart to your mind and vice versa.  It’s the ability of keeping your stress managed in your life so that your body is in a calm place each day, no matter how hectic the day gets.

With that said, find your place.  The place you choose should act as a conduit between you and serenity.  A place like Core Power Yoga exists somewhere close to you.  When you find it, use it.  When you use it, there is endless potential unlocked from within you.  It may take time for you to understand what I’m saying.  The first step is taking the first step and moving into that arena of self realization.

Enjoy my video with the lovely Lizel.  Enjoy being and feeling great!  You deserve it! xo JZ