Make exercise fun!

Many people choose not to exercise simply because, it ain’t fun!  I can understand this for those people who simply haven’t found their nitch of fun exercise yet.  The fitness industry has plenty of devices and programs to choose from which is quite awesome for you.  It is all about having the willingness to explore the world of fitness and dive into all the available programs until you find one you love.  There are the standards which are my favorite, of course; SpinKangoo jumps, tabata training, Zumba, and yoga..But did you know that there are classes such as indo-rowbosu ballgravityVipr, and now the fit light (which I just learned about at the IDEA conference down in San Diego)?

There are many more things to choose from, but let me focus on the fit light for this post.  Man, is this cool.  Talk about testing your reaction time and explosability, dang!  So, watch the video below, for sure, and see how it can be a mind/body game that will be so great for your cardiorespiratory fitness levels.  Anything that elevates your heart rate is great!  You want to elevate your heart rate and then recover for a certain period of time, based on your fitness level.  I can write you an individual program if you desire.  But either way, where are you starting from?  Build an interval program around that and boom shaka laka.  Your fitness will be off the charts in a short time.  How?  Your body adapts to the changeup of heart rate through aerobic and anaerobic training to a point where you can build your cardiac strength up! Being fit helps you with energy levels, mood, sex (I knew you would like that), sleep, and athletic performance.

Tools like the fit light can also be an amazing device for your kids.  I meet so many parents who just can’t get their kids active if they tried.  You must therefore create games and prizes for your children and offer them incentives to be active.  I know it takes work, but you must also lead by example.  The fit light has plenty of games to choose from, or we can together as a team come up with some awesome community competitions.

Be sure to check out my book Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, because I address all these variables in the book and then some.  You deserve to be on top of your “A” game for life.  You must turn up the motivation knob and be ready to just be great!  Again, how badly do you want it?  Find a great fitness device today and stick to it to improve your fitness level..which by the way, is only part of the overall picture! Ahhh….