Small gyms-the way to go!

Would you believe that less than 15% of our country has a gym membership?  Even more shocking; is that only half of that 15% actually goes!  I know this because I always spent 2 hours a day calling members to use their membership when I managed the Sports Club/LA.  I find it quite sad that there is a reported 49.6% of 1,000 subjects asked in a study who claim that they work out for at least 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.   I’ve got news for you!  If I conducted another study and asked the same subjects if they were truly exercising in that stated amount of time, as in the “JZ” way, we wouldn’t get even close to a 49.6% stat.  For example, walking around at work a lot is not considered exercising!  Sorry people- if you consider that part of your exercise for the day, it ain’t happening!  Humans are built to move.  We are also supposed to exercise too!

Exercising means elevating your heart rate within a certain zone, fatiguing your muscles so that they get stronger, and essentially strengthening all the systems in the body so that your overall health is improved.

But I get it!  Not everyone wants to belong to a gym.  Why?  For some, it’s intimidating.  For others, it’s like a big ocean of sharks and other fish all trying to swim to that last treadmill which is such a pain in the toosh when you’re on a tight schedule!  Big corporate gyms can be tough for many.  However, if you haven’t noticed, the biggest American trend is the growth of small mom and pop type gyms that have their own trainers and more functional equipment.  Functional equipment includes; bosu balls, foam rollers, medicine balls, stability balls-you know, that kind of stuff!  The toys!  This stuff, when used right, will get you more fit than you just getting on a chest press and pushing forward and back.  But, these gyms will most likely require that you work with a trainer.

Not all boutique gyms do.  I was very impressed today when I visited RJS fitness down in Redondo Beach, California, where members can purchase a monthly membership, earning them a code to get in at all hours.  This boutique club doesn’t require you to hire a trainer, BUT, it behooves you to hire a trainer to acquaint yourself with the facility.  Boutique clubs may be your answer.  They offer you the following:

1) more intimate scene than corporate health clubs

2) cleanliness

3) ownership of a gym that you don’t have to maintain in your own home

4) great for private training sessions

5) the best tools to be fit

6) a small community of similar faces (it’s like family!)

If you live in Socal, you have the thumbs up on RJS Fitness.  If not, check out your local area for a boutique gym and ask for a tour.  Perhaps hire one of their trainers for a session and see how ya gel!  Check out my interview of their owner: