Yoga for all shapes and sizes

Some people may be addicted to food, drugs, alcohol or other self-destructing habits.  Well, I’m addicted to Yoga!  Hmmm…perhaps the word addiction ain’t a good term to use to describe my feelings about yoga since addiction has a negative connotation attached to it.  So, rather than say I am addicted to yoga, I will say that I am relieved by yoga.  I am empowered by yoga.  I am one with yoga!  I can have the most eventful day in the universe with stress pouring of the plate and onto the floor, but, at the end of a hectic day, a yoga class with the right teacher always brings JZ back to a homeostatic state..That is, mentally and physically!

And so, over the last 3 months, I have been going to Core Power Yoga on Wilshire in Brentwood.  Although there are other fabulous studios out there, what I love about Core Power Yoga is the amazingly welcoming community that is built within.  Starting with the leader of the studio, Kumi for short, all the girls and guys are friendly, welcoming and possess a ton of love that pours out of their hearts and into your day.  Now, ain’t that cool?  Your interaction with them is out of this world, not only when you check in, but while you sweat your toosh off in their class.  (Core Power is hot yoga, and man is it awesome!)

So, why the positive write up?  Because many of my readers do not want to do yoga because they either think it’s too hard or think it’s not challenging enough.  Think again.  Core Power yoga welcomes all ages, all sizes and all fitness levels.  You get to do what you can.  You get to be who you are.  You get to leave with an invigorating outlook on life once you’ve completed a full one hour class at this studio.  If there isn’t a Core Power Yoga near you, shoot me a message and perhaps I can help guide you to the right studio in your neck of the woods.  Either way, if you see that there is indeed a Core Power studio near you, then try it out!  You have nothing to lose.  Just sweat!  Your first week is FREE!  Can you believe it?