Yoga is for everyone

I know that many people are moving their heads side to side as if to say, “yoga ain’t for me!”  If you are one of these people, then think again.  Yoga is indeed for everyone.  This ancient modality of movement has been around for longer than your sister, mother, aunt, uncle and oldest grandparent – combined!  Silly analogy, but my point is this; yoga is for everyone.  Yoga means one’s union with their spiritual source above as it relates to the mind, body and being!  If you can logically put this concept to the test, you will eventually realize that your connection to your source is right within your very own body.  Yoga binds the two through breath-work and mental assimilation.

I was never into yoga.  I was always an athlete growing up.  I like to move, sweat and be on top of my “A” game all the time.  When I was managing the Sports Club/LA, I will never forget when a yogi told me to come to their class.  She was adamant that I needed it.  I remember thinking, should I be insulted?  So I went.  She had us “OM” three times aloud.  How weird, I thought!  Then we went into the even weirder postures of pretending to be a warrior and then move into an upside down dog position.  My heels didn’t touch the ground and my shoulders and neck were burning up.  This stinks, I thought.  And so, I ditched yoga after that class.

Months later, back into class I went, but with another teacher.  I eventually built up my confidence in two different teachers and boom-I was hooked, more than before.  Time drifted me away from my yoga practice.  I went back to lifting, running, and cycling.. Then, in 2010, after dealing with a ton of change, back to Yoga I went!  This time, I had lab values to prove how yoga is indeed effective.  Working for Cenegenics in Beverly Hills made me realize that my stress hormones were way too elevated.  Stress hormones, such as cortisol, will age you and damage your heart if chronically elevated.  I had to change this.  I had to go back to yoga!  And so, down went the stress hormone levels and up went the patience.  My view of the world around me vastly began to shift into a much calmer place!  Wow!  Yoga does this?

And so, JZ got certified through Tamal Dodge.  I am so hooked on practicing yoga and recommend it to all!  There are many types of yoga out there.  For starters, try a week at Core Power Yoga if there’s one near you.  It is considered hot yoga, but you get to move at your own pace.  Anyone can succeed there!  There is also The Yoga Collective which is not hot, but who also has great teachers…The Yoga Collective has only one location where Core Power has many!  I love them both.  I am addicted to Core Power because it is only an hour-long class, it is an excellent challenge, and their teachers are very caring.  This past Friday evening, I took a fabulous class with the beautiful Kaleigh Lundy.  She is a solid teacher with her cuing techniques, she adjusts students offering them a deeper connection to their bodies, and she also plays great music.  You leave Kaleigh’s class feeling ready to conquer the world! Check it out for yourself.  If yoga is for JZ, then its virtually for anyone.  Consistency is the key to your practice!  In time, you will get better!  I Promise!

Namaste! xo JZ