You can’t hate yoga

There is no way in heck that anyone should say, I can never get into yoga because it’s too slow paced for me.  Though I know the types of  classes people are referring to when they say this, I must educate those minds that not all yoga classes and teachers are slow moving.  In fact, yoga is a very dynamic exercise program, if you choose the right style for you.  For example, a de-conditioned middle-aged man who is super tight and takes a restorative class that hones in on stretching will find that class to be a challenge, compared to the 25 year old fitness queen who runs 30 miles a week and has been training her whole life.  She may find a restorative class slow moving, but yoga offers a variety of different styles and flows for virtually everyone.  Not sure which is right for you?  Ask me!

I personally love Core Power Yoga.  Core power is a yoga bootcamp no matter who you take.  This past Saturday, I got thrashed in Marxel’s class who uses weights and dynamic postures with almost zero breaks.  Of course, you can always break on your mat and rest assure that no one is judging you.  Funny enough, this young athletic guy was sitting on his mat in class because he was burnt out.  The great news is, you just get right back into it when you’re ready.

Elissa is another favorite of mine, who has the most poetic way of speaking in her class and though her voice soothes you and makes you feel loved, her sequence works your body in ways that you didn’t realize was possible.  Kumi , another favorite, is the leader of the pack and has a strong commitment to the entire yoga philosophy, adopting a vegan nutritional plan, too.  When you take her class, she ends with a poem, after working you in multiple balance asanas or postures.  She is truly committed to adjusting the students throughout the class, too, which I find to be such a bonus in a teacher.

Aree, who’s video is below, is a sweetheart, G-dess whose class is packed wall to wall because she is like a drill sergeant, but people adore her.

All in all, Core Power Yoga has amazing teachers and a more demanding workout than some other studios that earn the “it’s not for me!” title have.  Yoga is your union with your spiritual source so as long as you are open to moving your mind out of an uncluttered state, Core Power yoga is worth the try.  Your first week is actually free so you have nothing to lose, just a ton of sweat.  Yeah,  this place is 98 degrees inside, so everyone will sweat within the first 3 minutes of class.  But, don’t be scared, you get used to it.  Aside from a couple of pounds of water that you may lose, you also walk out losing your negative thoughts, if you ever have any!