Accessing the inner fight!

The inner fight in each and every one of us is what either makes or breaks our day each day.  We all have something, and perhaps some things that may hinder our power and speed for getting things done.  For most of you who are looking to lose weight, for example, you may have many roadblocks to living the lifestyle that you know will help you break your chains from poor lifestyle habits.  So, how does one get through this feeling of emotional and mental combat?

We sometimes have to physically embody our own personal struggles through disciplines such as Kung Fu.  Martial Arts are all about mastering your body’s awareness and being in space.  It is about finding a new love and appreciation for your existence.  Simple sounding, but quite complex, and to some, obscure!  That’s why you should try it! I went to a brand new studio, Golden Dragon Kung Fu School,  in Brentwood last Thursday and took my first Kung Fu class.  The “VP” or vice president, Art-who is featured in the video below, told me that I must go through a session before I can completely understand what Kung Fu really means.

It isn’t yoga, but it incorporates some yoga poses, while moving every joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle through a full range of motion.  We move in all directions as human beings, so Kung Fu channels movement anyone it can.  Can you imagine gyrating your hips and pushing your toes into the ground for stretching?  How about moving into a side lunge, directly into a forward lunge and not touching the ground once for balance?  Balance? Kung Fu works on balance too, along with breathing and joint isolation.  Can you lift your big toes up without any other toes moving?  I couldn’t.  Was I just nervous?  Besides, the head master kept coming over to ensure that my punches were perfect.  Discipline is definitely something that we sometimes take for granted.  Not in Kung Fu.  Your attention is required to focus on what you’re doing at all times.  Therefore, no checking facebook during class.  This may be exactly what you need.  A period of time where you, your body and your master take your health to the next level.

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xo JZ