Tuesday, what have you done so far..

It is Tuesday, so prior to you saying on Friday, “DANG IT!  I didn’t get any exercise in and I don’t even know what I’ve eaten this week…It wasn’t bad, but why am I not losing weight?”  You must do something about your life right now!  Ladies and gentlemen!  Weight loss should no longer be your stride.  Lifestyle modifcations are the necessity to your madness because in essence, being a lean and fit person is simply a lifestyle.  Living la vida loca is a lifestyle.  Living with good intentions, attending church, and being a trustworthy source, is a lifestyle.  We get to choose the lifestyles that we lead.  Brushing your teeth every morning is part of your lifesetyle.  Going to work is part of your lifestyle.  My point is this.  If being fit and eating well is not part of your lifestyle, then you must teach yourself this lifestyle so that it can really become yours.

Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, is a fabulous workbook for anyone who has to lose 5-500 lbs so that fitness, good nutrition and proper lifestyle integration is your way of life.  It isn’t easy making a wish and hoping that it comes true without doing some sort of work to help promote the dream.  Your commitment to being lean and fit is what will drive your ability to be fit and lean.  Your desire to adjust your schedule to accomodate the items that need to be integrated is what will allow you to be fit and lean.  It boils down to desire and motivation.  What will build the desire?  Read my book.  Get a list of tools that will help you.  What will keep you motivated?  Get my book. My book is just the starting point.  The journey already lies deep within your heart.  Reach into your own heart and pull out the journey so that you can start to live it!

Watch the video below.  Answer those questions, for real.  Don’t allow this to just be another youtube video.  It is time to make your day dynamic.  It is time to take charge of your own life so that you can be the person you wish to be.  Who do you want to be?  That is, who within your ability do you wish to be today?  Not tomorrow, today!

It’s time to take action.  Stop thinking!  As Nike states, Just Do it!