3 Yoga Classes in a Row at Core Power Yoga

This memorial day weekend was packed with the ability to just be. I never realized how amazing it feels to just be. I am hoping that each of you spent your Memorial Day weekend wisely. By that, I mean this. We pull away the essence of Memorial Day weekend by trying hard to find happiness under difference plans that we make. How many of you actually just didn’t have such specific plans? How many of you spent a morning in bed, an afternoon in your backyard, the evening in bed early for a restful night’s sleep? How did your Memorial Day weekend go?

Luckily, I spent three days in a row at Core Power Yoga, my meditation and workout haven. It’s amazing how starting each of my days this weekend began with deep breathing, lots of sweating and muscle building exercises taught by Elissa, Mary A and Marxel. Wow, I must say-thank you all for great classes. I know for those of you who know me, you know that I looooove Core Power Yoga for the serenity and awesome workouts it offers me. For those of you who have gone, you know what I mean. For those of you who haven’t experienced anything remotely close to what’s described, perhaps I can help you find a place near you that provides you with similar qualities?  Who knows, send me a message.

Memorial Day also brought me to the California coast. I enjoyed two days on the beach. Just an hour each day reminded me of why I live in California. What is in your neck of the woods that is lovely that you never make time to see? Perhaps you should plan on visiting that place soon if you haven’t this weekend?

Next, are there any cravings that you have pushed aside for the last several weeks that you wish you can have? If you had it, great. If you didn’t, are you ok with that? Like I say in my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, you can have fun throughout the year during the holidays. I had my Carvel ice cream cone. Haven’t had that in 6 months. You can do this, but come Tuesday, back onto eating healthy you go! All because you can!

I have a project in the making which will be a JZ Fitness accessory you’ll love. Can’t wait to share!  So, to sum up my weekend, I will be diving into building that accessory more. A little bit of work woven into a very relaxing weekend is never a bad thing according to my books. If you are still enjoying your three day, more power to you. You deserve complete serenity and happiness. Allow your mind to dissolve into a state of complete relaxation for the rest of this weekend, whatever is left of it! To a great week ahead!  What a powerful weekend!