Bootilicious exercise program

For some strange reason, everyone has the desire to possess a nice butt, but most people I talk to don’t wanna train their butt.  Well, if you want a bootilicious tooshy (Yiddish) then train it!  Train your legs and your butt and you will be J-Lo all the way (well at least the ladies will be!)  Some of you are aspiring to have the JZ booty.  (Is it appropriate that I get compliments on my butt a lot?  Gosh, I got used to it that I guess I’ll just mention it here….See the photo?  yeah!  That’s Mine!)  Thank you Xochitl Rodrigue for capturing this lovely shot of my other side.

So what to do, what to do…  For some of you, getting to the gym ain’t gonna happen this week.  Therefore, do the in-home program.  Yeah, I am removing the excuse for ya, sorry.  If you make it to the gym, then do the in-gym program.  If you lack motivation, then geez laweez-what do you need a life coach or just a simple reminder that you must work for whatcha want out of life!? Remember, no one can crawl into your head and give you what ya need so be clear about your goals, talk to an expert and then just do it.  Ayt?

So, here it is, with videos and all. If I am not in the video, then please note that JZ FITNESS does not endorse these trainers.  JZ FITNESS simply uses the videos to help depict the exercises listed for your viewing purposes.  Note that you should always (and I mean always) consult your doctor before beginning any new physical activity program, including mine.  So assuming you take full responsibility, let’s move forward!

To keep it so simple, do every single exercise for 4 sets, with each set containing 15 repetitions.  Recover for 20 seconds-30 seconds in between each set and then do it again.  You can even circulate through all the exercises without any rests and repeat them all for 4 sets.  Your choice!

I will not mention how much weight to lift ’cause I am not there.  But, for the body weight stuff, you want to stabilize before you mobilize.  Find the stability in the pose.  Then mobilize through the range of motion that best suits your body.  Realize that the body weight stuff I demonstrated was conducted on the beach.  The sand offers instability and for those of you who are athletes, this is a good thing.  Training in proprioceptively enriched environments can actually help you in your sport.  Just be sure to always line the knees up to the ankle joint and do not push the weight forward into the knee ever.  The knee is a hinge joint so it only moves in one direction.  If your knee hurts during any of these, you are doing it incorrectly!  Hire a trainer if you must (tool #34 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools)

Here are your bootilicious workouts with videos embedded.  Go get yo booty on!


Plie squats

Lunge to kick to hip extension

Squat jumps

Single leg balance to hip flexion, abduction, extension

Walking lunges

Single leg bridge and hip extension


Dumbbell walking lunges

Freemotion squat sled

Step ups

Hip extension

Smith squats

Hamstring curls

Peace, love and hot buns! xo JZ