Pain in my ass by JZ Fitness

Is the title offensive?  It is only if you’ve never experienced one of the worst orthopedic issues that most Americans deal with on a regular basis-Sciatica. Sciatic pain is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve which 99% of the time is an avoidable or shall I say fixable issue.  What causes this pain?  Most of the time-Sitting.  Don’t pretend you don’t sit a lot because if you live in Los Angeles, the traffic will keep you on your bum for more than what I consider recommended time.

So now what?  Your ass hurts, you are in too much pain to tie your shoes, sit on the toilet and for some of you, in too much pain to go to the gym.  Watch my video below (with my roommate) and see that you can do to rid of the pain, when done correctly and consistently.  The two fabulous c’s that most people forget to do!  Follow these tips immediately if you experience severe pain and watch the pain go bye-bye:

First, get with an awesome chiropractor cause you probably have a segment out of alignment.  What does that mean?  Picture your vertebrae lined up like a toy train.  If the child pulls one of the cars to the side, the train doesn’t go straight and the link becomes weak.  The link causes the train to go off track, as the facets and links of the spine do when a segment is out of alignment.  The spine is quite mobile and after undergoing years of sitting, flexion and extension, shift happens.  You know what I’m saying?  So, first, go to a good Chiro.  They will adjust the joint so that you are put back in place.  This will take a day or two to feel the difference.  Trust me!  I have no patience either, but when followed by the rest, you feel alot better.

Second, after you get adjusted, ice the hips and glutes.  Do this regularly or consistently.

Third, with a tennis ball, do the stretches that I do in the video below.  This helps a lot!  You must do this at least 5 times a day.  Yes, 5 times a day, with each stretch held only 30 seconds each pressure point.

Fourth, get up throughout the day every 20 minutes to stretch your lower extremity.   Retrain your muscles how to lie on your body.  Yup, your body will remember over a few days.

Fifth, be patient.  The pain will subside as long as you are doing what you’re supposed to correctly and consistently. (cc that!)

Sixth, you might need a follow up visit with the chiro.  If pain doesn’t subside by day 3, go back.

Feel better.  Avoid getting sciatic pain by not sitting on your butt all day long.  Get up.  Stretch.  Take yoga.  Do the tennis ball stretch prophylactically (avoiding an issue before it happens) so that you can avoid being or having a pain in your ass.

Peace to your soul! xo JZ