Fitness for 30 Minutes

How many of you are aware of the devastating physical education facts that America sustains to date? Check these boggling stats out:
Only 74.5% of states require Physical Education (PE) in Elementary and High School

28 States allow exemptions or NO PE for students (I used to train  a 16 year old at Sports Club/LA who brought a note to me to get exempt from PE class since she had a trainer and I crumpled the paper up and threw it on the ground-she crazy???)

Only 22 states require allotted time for PE

Only 10 states designate funding for PE

Only 6 states require PE in every grade: NY, IL, HI, MA, MS, VT

Only 3 states require 150+ minutes of PE per week in elementary school

Only 3 states require 250+ minutes of PE per week in HS

These are mind-blowing stats that I learned the weekend I presented at the AAHPERD conference.   Please, get your kids in shape.  They are our future!!!!

In response to the fact that our country is getting more unhealthy by the year, I designed Fitness for 30 Minutes which was originally used as my 2008 Masters Thesis Project for my Masters degree in Kinesiology.  The study involved 200 4th and 5th grade children from an Anaheim School.  Each child had their body fat and weight tested before and after the 6 week study.  After 6 weeks, 4 days a week of the Fitness for 30 minutes which is a high intensity interval training program or (Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity for children-MVPA), all the children in the treatment group (the ones who got to exercise) lost body fat, while the children in the control group (they didn’t get to exercise with this program) did not yield favorable body composition changes.  So with that said, I’ve concluded that my Fitness for 30 Minutes program is one way of getting our schools, communities and families healthier and more fit.  Please join the movement to help me break the chains of obesity in this country.  It all starts in your backyard.  Flaghouse has the Fitness for 30 Minutes kit ready for purchase, with an awesome manual included (written by me of course!)  All you need to do is bring it to your back yard or community and get these kids, and yourself, on the right track to breaking those chains.  Are you with me?  To your health with love! xo JZ