Kangoo Jumps on E! News

As you saw on E! News on July 26, 2013, Kangoo Jumps just rock!  As a fitness expert with over 13 years of experience, I love finding ways of getting people active again and doing things that they feel they can never do again.

All of my orthopedic clients own a pair of Kangoo Jumps which are a rebounding system with a built in trampoline that takes all the pressure off your joints when used correctly. (Proper biomechanics are everything!) 

I am assuming that you know you should always get clearance from a doctor before trying any new fitness program.  And if you did, then let me share my love for Kangoos.  Many of you, who emailed me, which was quite an overwhelming number, want to lose weight, age gracefully, run again, feel better again, find a fun thing to do for fitness and ultimately love the body you live in. Please take this with the utmost respect when I say, make sure you own a copy of my book.  My book reflects on years of experience coaching people in weight loss (which you will learn in my book that I don’t even focus on the scale…Neither should you…There are better ways to measure success-in my opinion!)  Tool # 36 in my book, actually mentions Kangoo Jumps which states that these fun shoes drain your lymphatic system keeping your immune function strong.  Ain’t that a plus? But that is ONLY coupled with good lifestyle habits which I further explore in my book!

You will be shocked to read my twist, since it really goes against the quick fix method of weight loss.I know how to get the fat weight off and keep it off…Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools is a workbook for the overall evolution of everything in your life, not just fitness and nutrition!  It’s available here on my website and on Amazon.com

So, back to Kangoo Jumps!  Yeah baby!  I love these things!  They are perfect for weight loss, fat loss, your aspirations for being a child again, taking the pounding off your joints, stimulating better bone density, increasing caloric expense, building your cardiovascular strength, improving balance, core strength, should I keep going?????

Follow these steps for getting your pair of Kangoo Jumps:

1) Pick out your pair: http://synergyperformancecenters.com/kangoo-club-of-indiana/

2) Send me an email with the color you want and your shoe size

3)Send me  your shipping address

4) Raj Donald who is my dear friend in Indianapolis will send you an invoice for $259+ shipping and depending on the shoes. 

5) Get the bag for $30!  WORTH IT!

6)  Once I collect your info (which makes his life easier), he simply bills you through paypal, which is a secure site, and then once he gets paid, he ships you the order.  Boom!  That easy. 

7)  If you want to learn more about classes in your local area, I can attempt to help you find a class or just look up Kangoo Jumps in your zipcode and see what comes up.  If nothing does, then gosh, perhaps I will create a video for you all on Kangoo Jumps so that you have a plan. Otherwise, you can run in them and just play in them.  First get them and stay tuned for more JZ Fitness Love through my JZ Fitness Times Newsletter. Just go on the homepage of JZ Fitness (yes this site) to opt in…

Till then, stay fit, stay committed, and help me break the chains of obesity in this country by being the example (tool #100 in my book!) 

Hugs (even though we don’t know each other! LOL)