Is Yoga For Everyone?


I get the question all the time, “Is yoga something that’s good for my body?”  I will tell you this:  I am a big believer that no exercise program is ever a one size fits all. However, yoga is the only exercise modality that can potentially assist virtually anyone through one of their many fitness goals, if the right class is attended.  I feel as though the follow up to this is, well what the heck is the wrong class?  Let’s explore together:

If you read my article, finding the right personal trainer, you will see that my thoughts in this post pertaining to yoga align with that article.  Keep it simple for yourself.  First start out by asking, “What exactly is my goal?  Do I wanna get more flexible?  Do I want to work on strength?  Endurance?  Power?  Meditation? Breathing?  Connectivity?  What do I wish to work on?  Patience?  Unity between mind and body? ”  The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it will be to find a reason to participate in such an activity like yoga.  If any of the above are your goal, then yoga is for you.  Do you wish to lose weight?  Yoga is for you too.  Do you wish to improve your sense of self worth?  Yoga is for you, once again.

Well how in the world can yoga attain all of this?  The main fundamentals of yoga are as follows (and I clearly outline this in tool #6 in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools):

  • learn to listen to your body
  • proper breathing
  • decrease discomfort in the body
  • improve circulation
  • improve spiritual realization
  • reduce tension
  • reduce pain
  • improve joint integrity
  • releases bad energy
  • improves ability to sustain positive thoughts
  • teaches you to be fearless
  • open up your heart up

Ok, sounds good, I’m sure!  For some of you, I get the resounding eh, response!  So, does it hurt to just try it then?  And, which teacher will you connect to? This will help you turn this all into your reality.  Apply my favorite yoga guru menu listto your own journey.  This is a list that I created for myself from Core Power Yoga in Los Angeles.  Aside from the time of offer, I base my decision of class on what type of guidance I crave…

Good news is they are all fabuloso!!!

Mary Allen: Boot camp-like workout with a twist of love thrown in

Kumi: Spiritual Junkie who offers you a Buddha feel in a modern day world

Elyssa: A psychotherapist guiding your practice through melodic hints of meditation while guiding you towards a state of realization (You can leave feeling like you just went through therapy)

Marxel: An “I wanna just get my A$$ kicked for the next hour of my life” experience.

Lindsey: An angel lands on your doorstep and has a dance background, and your mind drifts off wondering if this girl is challenging or just a drill sargent in disguise.

Kayla: Do I want some Kansas City in my day?  I can find a great workout with this soft spoken beautiful girl who pushes her classes through a solid workout

Core Power Yoga is a great haven full of amazing teachers and dedicated students.  I am blessed to be a student there… Check out my video. Marxel, you can tell is not in the mood to film.  He did me a favor.  Thanks man!  And thanks Mary Allen, you beautiful girl! xo JZ (I teach at Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm, for those of you who keep asking!)