Core Power Yoga-My Surrender

Whenever you have a rough day, what do you usually do to get over the feeling of void or discomfort from deep down inside of you?  Do you always turn to food for comfort?  I find that many people I speak with find that food is the best medicine for them.  However, food can be poison.  When you reinforce an emotion with food, you develop an addiction for that food.  This is actually what the premise of my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity is all about.  By the way, you must read my preface to really understand the title.  You do NOT have to be obese to benefit from this book.  It is a workbook that is worth having on your coffee table.  Your journey ahead should be all about finding new healthy outlets to turn to so that you no longer turn to food for comfort, under any circumstance.

One of my main outlets is Core Power Yoga.  This place has amazing teachers.  Their teachers make you feel very loved, they guide you through a spiritual journey filled with gratitude and respect.  So picture a day when you’ve experienced a negative conversation, a negative business event, or just a blah day.  What do you do to find a sense of fulfillment?  Take a moment to reflect on what you have done recently to remedy a feeling of emptiness in the most recent past.

Core Power Yoga is usually one of my main outlets.  Due to my congested schedule, I usually schedule my workouts at Core Power Yoga during the week.  But take yesterday, for example.  I had a negative conversation which was quite hurtful, and I went to Core Power to my girl Kumi’s class to get over it.  I did not plan on going yesterday since yesterday was a rest day.  However, I needed a Kumi “makeover.”  Yes, even the positive JZ needs positive words from others to change her day around.  Kumi’s words are very precise and therapeutic.  I left feeling recharged. Kumi’s class always leaves me feeling that way, without fail.

Last week, I went to Lindsey’s class, who is also a Core Power Yoga team member.  Love her angelic voice.  She is fun and I always feel like a little girl in her class. I personally love dipping into my little girl side so this is perfect for me.  We played with different postures in Lindsey’s class and did original flow sequenes that I feel she conjures up in her dreams.  This girl is on fire with her teaching.  She is quite innovative and you leave her class dripping wet, and feeling just delicious.

Is Yoga like a therapy session?  Depending on how you look at it, it is more of an escape.  It is more of an opportunity for you to get back to the basics of self care and love.  When your day steals your energy, you must regain it back before you feel completely depleted.  How can Core Power or any good yoga studio do this for you?  For example, the yoga teacher will tell you to release the tension out of your body through breathing into the space that feels tension from an experience you had.  It takes practice to learn how to do this.  But over the course of time, you learn how to breathe for comfort, how to self reflect, and how to fall deeply in love with yourself to a point where you can handle virtually anything.  If you are looking for the perfect life, Yoga cannot create that because it doesn’t exist to begin with.  What does exist is our ability to navigate through life’s trials and tribulations with a plan.  The plan is conjured up through clarity and drive.  Yoga provides you with that clarity.  Yoga provides you with the willingness to want to drive yourself in a fresh direction.  You must try it for yourself.  It is a feeling that words don’t suit quite well.  Getting to this place in my practice took me over a year.  But, I am now at a point where yoga is truly my healthy escape.

Let me leave off with this; yoga teachers love it when you come to class.  Your presence in class brings an intricate light that only you possess.  Last night I received a note from Mary Allen on Facebook that she misses me.  Did you guess that she is part of the Core Power team too?  Well, she is and I will go to her class tonight.  When someone wants to see me, that really tickles my heart in such a positive way.  That positivity beams all day until I arrive at my yoga mat for my 1 hour of surrender!  Thank you Mary Allen, Kumi, Lindsey, Elissa, Marxel, and gosh, any yoga teacher who brings light into my life!  I really love you all!