Do a class you love

Part of being fit for life is finding things that you love to do.  Don’t just put the burden on yourself to go to the gym just because you have to. Go to the gym because you are looking forward to doing something great.  Try out every group exercise class.  Hire  a trainer for a session.  Consider joining a league.  These are all tools I give you in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  When you enjoy something, you show up for it.  When you dread it, you avoid it.

Check out my video below.  Rita is a chronic JZ Spin class attendee (you like how I reference myself!?) and she is always in class. When she isn’t, I reach out to her because I want to see her there.  I know she loves class and I also know she’s a work-a-holic, just like perhaps, you.  So, not only are you planning your workouts for the week, you are actually doing your research to see what types of classes and teachers you look forward to taking.  If the teacher stinks, then find a new one.  If the class isn’t challenging enough for you, find a more challenging one.  If it’s too challenging, then find a beginner class.  Do your research, ask around, try new things.  The fitness industry is saturated with options.  Take advantage of those options.

I tried a couple of places, such as Kung Fu and CircuitWorks.  Both places are totally different workouts, but amazing.  My niche is Core Power Yoga in West LA and I frequent the same teachers there.  In each of these experiences, I was excited to go and very happy I went.  This can be you.  You must be open to new things and have that exact frame of mind when entering the doors.  Now that I teach at Hot 8 Yoga, I tell my prospective students the same thing:  Come with a fresh attitude that you will do your best and leave feeling proud of yourself for whatever you did. That is all you must do.

Wishing you all a fabulous, fresh and innovative new year.  Make 2013 the year that you actually break your chains and rise in life through good health and clarity of thoughts! xo JZ