Mary Allen rocks Core Power Yoga

Everyone and their mother already know that Core Power Yoga is my favorite place to go amidst my busy schedule of running all over the place.  I mean, I show up, and at least one friendly face greets me with enthusiasm from the front desk, as I make my way into either studio 1 or 2, putting my mat down, unwrapping myself from the layers that shield me from the winter cold, and then I lay on my back reflecting on the fact that the next hour is mine.  As I lay there in deep thought and subtly amongst the chatter around me, I settle into my mat with a little perspiration leaving my skin in the 102 degree temperature.  Yup, hot yoga, but not Bikram.  Think; vinyasa in the heat.  Don’t know what that is?  Then try out your first week for free and stop scratching your head in question.  Oh, and let’s top this off with knowing that within minutes of laying there on my mat, one of my favorite teachers is going to enter the room and offer an amazing workout that is layered with love.

Mary Allen.  What an amazing yogi.  Took her class last night and I can say that anyone can come.  Though it’s a level 2 class, it is rockin’ to upbeat music, with more of a flow of postures, a lot of variety and a gorgeous girl who ensures you with a smile that everything is great.  I love her class.

In the new year, as you plan on what you wish to do for your exercise, ask yourself this, what are you deficient in?  Do you need more flexibility?  Strength?  Cardio?  Meditation?  Power?  Plan your workouts based on what you need.  If I need to do cardio, and I don’t have time to go to the gym or even the beach, then on go my running shoes and I run my 5 miles down San Vicente.  No contemplation and no thoughts of can I do this.  I just do it.  Whatever my performance is that day, I accept it.  If I need to calm my energy down, but I want to work through meditation, I take Elissa’s class at Core Power Yoga.  If I want a rockin’ work out with variety and lots of flow, I take Mary A’s class.  If I need a kick-butt workout with tons of affirmations, I take Kumi’s class at Core Power Yoga.  If I need more cardio on a Saturday morning, I call a fit friend and we go hiking in the single trails.  I choose variety.  And so should you.  The best bet.  Try different things out and see what you like doing. When you like your program, you look forward to showing up for it.  Forget the taboo stuff!  Just do what feels right for your body.  Self exploration gives you these answers.  Take the leap of faith and do new things.  Don’t be scared.  You may discover something very cool about yourself.  You know what I’m sayin’?  If you don’t, you will sooner than later. xo JZ