Find your Core through Yoga

One must realize that the source of all power lies within you.  It isn’t here nor there.  It is within your cells and is accessible through your true awareness of its existence.  I have lately been confronted with very disappointed individuals in the tribulations that life tosses their way and they get all muddled up in disarray finding themselves disconnected from their source and their inner light.

In the fast paced society in which we exist in, it is up to us to know when and how to turn that inner light on.  No matter how dim the light appears to be ahead and how far away the resolution may lie, it is the power of your connection to your source, whatever that source might be, that gets you through it.

How do you tangibly understand this?  You submerge yourself into a yoga class to start.  Find a teacher who has the ability to introduce you to that space.  Kumi and Elissa are stars at this at Core Power Yoga in Los Angeles.  These ladies are like angels.  Then you have those other teachers at Core Power Yoga that kick up the ante with some hard love such as Mary Allen and the infamous Marxel Lavallier Leobez.  All four of these teachers are clearly among my favorites.  They allow me to access my light when my light seems to fade from all that I do in a week.

Despite the fact that I possess a lot of self love, I always say that leaders need to be led too.  No matter who you are, you must find that source by learning how to go within.  Perhaps go to Temple or Church, or find a support group or a counselor.  In my book Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools, I specify the need to unclutter.  Master those first four tools so that you can truly realize and see clearly the gift of Life!  Once you find that inner light and you learn how to access it on a daily basis, hop into Marxel’s class to crank it up a notch.  Accomplishment in classes as such allow you to fall deeper in love with yourself since you walk out having completed a challenging workout.  This guy conjures up workouts that one can never even dream of.  Mary-it is an ongoing song and dance where once you hit shavasana, you realize with every ounce of thought, that you certainly earned it!

I must mention that I teach yoga too, at Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5pm.  It is a beginner level one class, and of course, there is a ton of JZ love that circulates to all!

So, find your light.  Find your love.  Find you.  Don’t wait! Learn to live in the now!  xo JZ