Wun-Jo-A traveling workout

Ok ladies and gentlemen: drum roll please!  Most people who travel tell me that they do not have a clue as to what they should do when they’re on the road.  So, away I go to Long Branch New Jersey to present at the NJ AAHPERD conference (American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) on February 26th, my birthday, and I found Wun-Jo!  Wun Jo is a total fitness system that helps enhance flexibility balance and strength through the use of a plastic like tubing system that has 2 handles and fills with water.  So imagine this, you fill it, you use it, you drain it, you pack it!  That easy!  The creator, Ron Lemire, who I met that day demonstrated his 8 basic moves that day.  We had people stopping to watch cause this thing is something that you don’t wanna cross while in action.  Be sure to watch the video below.

I love gadgets like this.  After a couple of minutes using it, I thought it is something that the heavy traveler should consider.  It’s fun, it’s portable and easy to use.  It requires some coordination, so if you are that person with 2 left feet, perhaps this is your moment to break that stereotype and engage yourself in this activity.  The Wun-Jo system helps you engage your total body from head to toe using movements that work your joints in all planes of motion.  Wun-Johas you going behind your back, overhead, doing figure 8’s, catching and releasing, rotating, stepping and flowing, and any other creative way you can keep your groove going with this thing.

Remember, according to ACSM, you need 300 minutes of physical activity a week.  If you are nowhere close to that amount of PA, then start today.  Stop putting activity off.  Stop using heavy travel schedule as your excuse to not move.  Your body is your temple as I discuss in my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  You must not only eat well, but you must get in the habit of moving all throughout the day and complimenting your day with a good source of exercise.  I was intrigued by Ron’s team that day cause they all use the Wun-Jo system and they were all over the age of 70.  So, not only is this good for people of all ages, but it a natural body system that moves with momentum through the forces applied to the ball of water in the tubing.  This system can also help you with your sport too in that improves joint range of motion like I mentioned.

So, no more excuses people.  Find a system that you will buy, but more importantly, use.  Your body craves movement.  Your mind craves sweets.  Feed your body with movement.  Feed your mind with the foods that your body needs to allow it to move the way it’s supposed to.  Get my book if you don’t own your copy.  You deserve to be great! No more settling for less, ok?