JZ Fitness loves JK Livin’ Foundation

I always aspired to be part of an organization that got kids healthy-specifically kids who wouldn’t normally have access to extraordinary programs or gym memberships.  I knew in my heart that if I can become part of an organization that hits all areas of humanity, and that I can truly be given the platform to make a difference.  Yeah, I make a difference when I train my amazing clients and teach group exercise classes, which I love.  However, there is a different fulfillment when you look at a teenager in the eyes and explain to him or her that you are there to teach them everything they need to know about being healthy and about being successful in life.  Now that’s big!  That’s JK Livin!

I am so lucky and honored that after corresponding with the wonderful Tobin, Leslie and Shannon up at the office, that they offered me a position as the lead fitness expert for one of their hosting high schools back in September 2013.  Every Monday, I get to meet these children with the awesome teachers Ms. Warner and Mr. Cullwell and lead them through physical activity, goal setting, gratitude circle, resolving problems pertaining to school situations, integrity coaching, nutrition, and loving themselves.  I leave this program every single Monday feeling my heart expand with love for kids who just want to be loved and learn how to be great people in our society.  It is quite easy that we get very caught up in life’s everyday challenges but when we get to participate in programs like this one, we get to really spread our wings and become angels for those who need one.

What really hit home for me this week, aside from the beautiful souls who run the program, is the fact that when Matthew McConaughey came to the program on Monday, January 15th 2014.   He won his Golden Globe on Monday for the Dallas Buyer’s Club, and at the end of the speech he said, “My part was really about living, not dying.  So like I always say, Just Keep Livin!” I felt so proud in that moment and said, I get to work for this program!  I felt so connected to him as a humanitarian because I get to carry out his program goals.  This is beyond what words can describe.  Three days after the Globes, he shared his gratitude in the gratitude circle, which we have every session, and stated that when hard work is paid off with a trophy, it really rides home with you that you did a great job.  The kids were astonished.

So, if you find that you are struggling with decisions in life ,with your career and ways to better yourself, I speak from experience, volunteer or work for a not for profit.  I dedicate, on average, 3 hours a week to this organization and it is at the top of my list for experiences in my week that make me feel so gosh dang happy.  This is an entire chapter in Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools. What does it have to do with weight loss?  Exactly!  Absolutely nothing!  So read my book for yourself because it isn’t about the same stuff of how to stop disliking yourself.  My book is about finding outlets such as being a true humanitarian, so that you can be filled up in life from areas other than from eating!  Here’s to a healthy year and to LOVING yourself!

Thank you Matthew for making this happen, and to the office at JK LIVIN’ for being some of the most positive people I have ever met in my entire life! JZ Fitness Loves Jk Livin!  xo JZ