Totally Become a JZ Fitness Fan

To those of you who think that I’m trying to replicate my high school years and be the most popular kid on the block, you are mistaken.  Rather, I feel the need to in this life time, do what I can do to help each individualeradicate the terrible habits that are causing each person to age quickly.  How?  I write blogs, shoot silly iphone videos, teach classes, do lectures, appear on the radio and tv, do facebook and twitter, and have an amazing newsletter called the JZ Fitness Times.  The whole Anti-Aging world is getting more popular by the hour.  Do you all realize that I work with some of the best age management doctors in the world?  Trained by an age management company, called Cenegenics, I have learned some amazing fundamentals of what healthy aging even means.  These amazing physicians work with patients from a hormonal standpoint, but more importantly than that, together we teach the lifestyle adaptations that patients must learn to help stave off the perils of avoidable diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, hypercholestremia, diabetes, depression, cancer, you name it!  Now, granted, some of you have the predisposition for some of these terrible diseases.  However, there is hope that you can work to retard the onset of any of these diseases by at least treating your body like a temple!

So don’t waste any time.  Follow these steps today so that you can be a part of the JZ Fitness movement.  Notice, there are no fees involved in following.  The only fee you should pay for (and I will not tell ya how to spend your money, honey) is to purchase a copy of my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 Tools.  It is available through my site or on  The choice is yours.  If you order through my website, provide your name and the best shipping address, then it will earn you an autographed copy (no extra charge! Hee hee!)  Otherwise, Amazon sells the book both in hard copy form and on kindle.

So, you ready to rock and roll with your bad self?  No more bad-let’s be great!

1) Opt into JZ Fitness Times on the HOME page of JZ Fitness on the right side bar.  You see it?

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I don’t do Pintrest but my girl Hedda Royce is on my case about this.  Oy!  Maybe I will…All this social media stuff is just oh so much for the good ole fashioned JZ who still likes to talk not text!  No excuses.  Stay tuned!

By doing all the above, you will always get amazing tools and my commitment to you to hep you enhance your life.  The diet industry stinks and isn’t working.  America is getting fatter and older quicker.  I must teach people like you that it isn’t rocket science….I also take questions on my facebook page so private message me or feel free to email me with any questions that live with you today.  Either way, lets break the chains of obesity in this country.  You can help me by being the healthy leader (tool #100 in my book-see why you need a copy?)  I reference my tools all the time, by the way.  You will learn so much.  The book is worth the read!  This is what I’ve been told over and over again! (wink!)  You will quickly learn that JZ is a what you see is what you get kinda girl from New York who just has a passion for all humanity.  Make it a great day!!!!