JZ FITNESS Nutrition app

I know I know, not all of you have an iphone.  I get it.  Sorry.  My brother always picks on me for having an Apple but I love my iphone and if you decide to have the Android, then I will accept you as a great person too.  Just kidding.  You are great no matter what phone you have.  Our material items shall never define us as people.  We are special just as we are, without the material nonsense.  And since each phone requires different coding, the iphone is first to be out since I wanna work out any and all kinks for you Android users.  Iphoners, an update is coming, and yes, it is a free update.

And so, it is finally out.  Whew! You spoke, I listened.  No more calorie counting.  No more guessing if your day was good.  No more nonsense.  Just get the JZ FITNESS Nutrition app and learn how to eat optimally forever.  After 14 years of extensive experience working as a fitness expert and with medical and health experts, I bring to you the JZ FITNESS Nutrition app.  Check out THIS VIDEO before you read further.  Then, get it, use it and follow these three points:

1) Read the About section; Know what the app does.

2) Read the Study section; It is the Cliff Notes(R) version so don’t be lazy ok?

3) Log your meal consumption every single day for 30 days

4) Read the JZ’s Feedback toggle every single day

5) Maximize your potential by optimizing your health

By following this app, you will forever know how to eat as a lifestyle.  It is a way of life.  I wouldn’t want to live any other way.  Life is too precious for me to feel in a fog and feel tired when there are so many neat things to discover.  Get the app.  And please tell your friends and family about it.  My number one goal is to Break the Chains of Obesity in America.  It all starts with you and me!