Turkey chili

Some of you are in such a rush, and can’t even think about the work it would take to cook up a healthy dinner.  And so, you are left with what options?  Well, if you are doing your due diligence to scan the JZfitness website, then you are in no frenzy and you’re feeling great about your energy levels, your body composition and of course, life!  Why?  Because you are following my nutrition link to easy easy easy (did I say easy) to prep or find meals from your local grocery store for dinner and all other meals….If not, then start today!  Life can easily throw you in a spin and cause you to forget about taking care of you!  You are very important.  If you don’t take care of yourself, then you are not feeling the level of importance that you are, which is why you are not feeling on your “A” game!  You deserve to feel amazing.  Dontcha think?

So, I recently dove into a delicious turkey chili from Whole Foods and paired it with a bunch of veggies.  It was super easy.  See the below video.  When I choose my dishes, I always ask myself, what will be my source of protein, low glycemic carbs and of course healthy fats?  And so, a little bit of an educated mind needs to enter into your decision making process.  This takes motivation and commitment.  But, it ain’t rocket science-trust me!

I find that in all my coaching, people are so caught up in the contemplation of doing what they need to do to attain  proper weight management.  Just like any hard decision in your life, decide that you’re going to simply make your transition over into a healthy way of life right now.  Not on Monday, not next month, not after your trip, not next year-NOW!  Today is the day to fall deeply in love with the person that you are and the body that you were gifted with.  Just like on your birthday, you should unwrap your potential by truly believing in yourself and following the tools I give you.  Be excited about this journey, like the little kid who unwraps the gift…No need to wait until my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity comes out!  Start today!  You can truly do this.  The question is, do you want it bad enough?  The it, is the good health, the energy, the lower body fat values, the high self esteem, the self love?  If the answer is yes, then start right now and be in the journey now. Start loving who you are today!  This journey should only unwrap your endless potential.  It is in you.  I know it!

Enjoy the video below!  xo JZ