Tajin Mahi Mahi and Sweet Potato Fries

Wanna lose inches and weight quicker, well, if you know me, then you will know that I am not a quick fixer, BUT, I will share a trick for those of you who wish to tighten the inches before a major trip.  Still eat your small frequent meals, with a protein at every meal, but specifically at night, stick to any white fish with low sodium, lemons and an anti-inflammatory seasoning such as cayenne pepper, paprika or my new favorite – tajin!

I was stoked to find tajin cause you can use it on sliced cucumbers, mango, pears, peaches.  You can also season virtually every dish with tajin, including an egg white scramble with mixed veggies.  Oh so fun!

So, let’s see what JZ ate tonight.  My man cooked me a BBQ grilled Mahi Mahi with broccoli and yup, sweet potato fries (I only ate 10).  And yes, I used organic ketchup with zero HFCS (high fructose corn syrup-so gross!)

So easy to make this dish.  Here is all you need to know.  And if you make it for yourself, just remember to add a dash of love as my honey did!

Mahi Mahi prep:

  • tajin
  • lemons
  • 6 oz WILD mahi mahi steaks from Trader Joes (avoid farm raised)
  • crushed garlic
  • Put the Mahi Mahi over 3 sliced lemons and season the fish with tajin and some garlic
  • Put the foil onto the BBQ grill at a moderately high heat for 20 minutes


Trader Joes sells this stuff in a carton already cut up.  Or, you can buy it fresh at a farmer’s market.  Either way, add 2 tbsp total of light butter and season with tajin.  Put the broccolini next to the cooking fish

Broccoli florets can be either BBQ or boiled on the stove for a few minutes.  My honey threw carrots in the mix, but I am not a big fan.

Last, the Sweet Potato Fries, which I am sure all of you are like, JZ eats fries?  Like, OMG!  No Way!  Oy, people!  Well of course I do, but only occasionally and when I do eat them at home, they are 365 brand baked (this is the Whole Foods brand).  I eat only 10 and then put my ketchup on top.  That’s it.  My fry fix.  I don’t go nuts, so relax!  Ha!

Then you serve it all on a dish and bon apetit!  I love these types of dishes.  If you are looking to cut the inches, double on the broccoli and broccolini and 86 (leave out) the fries.

Ironically, I made my honey do a mini workout after dinner tonight to burn through the fries.  Too bad I didn’t catch that one on video.  Hee hee….Enjoy this delicious meal and enjoy the video below! Thanks for dinner honey! xo JZ