Trimana restaurant

Had to run downstairs today for lunch because guess what-unprepared!  Ugh!  Not the typical JZ for ya!  But, whatever right?  I have to adjust and adapt so, I went to Trimana which is a small –how do we describe it-small kitchenette that has a large variety of very fattening food unless you tell them what you want.  There is potential here.  You may have a place similar to Trimana near you so use this as a guide!   You must tell them what you want.  Be specific, be patient and be very kind to their staff because modifications aren’t the norm for them…..Let me make your life easier.  Just choose from the following list that I created for you.  Yeah, just print out the list and say, “I want”-and then point to whatcha want-ayt??


Spanish egg white omelet with no sauce on it.  Sliced tomatoes on the side

Egg white omelet loaded with veggies with a side of fruit


Greens: cucumbers, tomatoes, pepperoncinis (optional) grilled diced chicken, vinaigrette on the side

Cesar Salad with chicken-put all the dressing on the side and put the croutons on the side too-one small container of those things-ugh-if you must!

Greek salad with dressing on the side and cheese on the side (1 oz of cheese=1 serving-anything more is way too much!)


Turkey burger topped by onions and ½ avocado with a side salad of greens galore-lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomatoes-no condiments…The avocado will do it!

Turkey burger combo but a veggie burger

Wanna stay healthy?  Choose only from the above menu if you eat at Trimana.  I’m tellin’ ya, being a healthy and lean person takes perserverence, commitment and huge desire to warship the body that you were gifted to live in.  Don’t trash it!

Enjoy my salad experience.  You can definitely see it’s Friday!  (Chuckle)