Grass Fed Beef Saladlunch

What’s the difference between grass fed beef and the “other” beef?  Grass fed beef is only fed grass and the other beef is fed grains and some grass.  Why does this matter?  I am a huge proponent of avoiding grains as much as possible in that most people do not need them.  In all the years I’ve been coaching weight loss (mainly fat loss and age management) I found that grains make people and keep people fat.  If you are an elite level athlete, then perhaps grains can serve you, especially if your body has been trained to burn through them at high rates.  Can athletes live without them?  Yes!!!!  However, the majority of others, do not need grains in their diet.  That goes for corn, rice, wheat, barley, you name it..If it’s a grain, it’s not a necessity.

So, if your cow eats grain, and you eat the cow, then guess what?  You eat his grain.  Go grass fed, and you should be fine.  You will see that grass fed meat is thinner, chewier and sometimes gamier.  I can easily get skeeved out by gamy taste, but I am proud to say that I bought a grass fed beef from Trader Joes that was seasoned so well that there was no game.  (Don’t think that by you eating no game, that you won’t have game though..ha ha ha).  This stuff is pre-cooked and I came up with this amazing recipe to share with ya’ll.  It is simply delicious.

What to get:

  1. Grass fed beef sirloin roast from Trader Joe’s (only do the size of your palm per serving)
  2. Mixed green leaves (organic is always best)
  3. Cherry tomatoes
  4. Persian cucumbers
  5. Avocado

What to do:

Well, there ain’t much that you have to do.  But for me, I don’t like pink in my meat.  Call me silly, but I just don’t.  So what I do is on a frying pan, I spray the pan with olive oil spray, and place a palm size amount of beef on the pan.  Cook it or simply heat it either on the pan or in the oven.  You can probably even eat it cold…The directions are on the box.  Next, because I am a busy girl, during the week after I run out of my farmer’s market veggies, I buy the bagged veggies that are ready to be eaten.  So if you do that, then simply take 1/2 bag of greens and dump them onto a plate.  Then add in a handful of cherry tomatoes, and cut in 2 persian cucumbers.  I use a whole small avocado which substitutes the need for dressing.  Remember to use my JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app.  You will learn that dressing is a condiment.  Condiments are never needed so use them wisely as I state in the app.  After your beef is done, add it to the top of your salad and mangia.

Check out my on the go experience to prove to you that eating clean is completely doable!