Breakfast for Dinner

After riding my bike for 20 miles (that is a beach cruiser with one gear up and down hills), I treated myself to an amazing egg white scramble with a bunch of stuff in it.  Since I had to cook up the turkey meat to have through Saturday, I decided to throw some of it into my egg scramble tonight. It was out of this world.  Think out of the box.  While many of you don’t like prepping or cooking, if you search my website regularly, you will find very easy to make meals that you can have for several meals.  Cook enough food to provide you with 3-4 meals.  Make your life easy.  If you have family, take into account those individuals too and multiply the servings by the amount of people you are feeding.  Even if life is super busy for you, there is never the excuse to put your health in the back seat.  Your health is your wealth.  Tend to it and you will live an optimal life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually!

So how did I make my dinner breakfast thingy majingy?  Here is how:


  1. Turkey crumbles mix:
  2. Empire kosher lean turkey meat
  3. Adobo spice (or any spice that contains hot, garlic and pepper)
  4. Grapeseed oil OR low sodium chicken broth
  5. Taco spice

How to prep”

Line a skillet with grapeseed oil OR low sodium chicken broth.  Place the turkey into the skillet.  Sprinkle the spices onto the raw meat.  Constantly mix the meat up so that the spices cook into the meat.  Make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked through on a medium flame.

Once the turkey is cooked, put that skillet to the side.  Grab another pan and add the following ingredients:

  1. Black beans (1/4 can)
  2. Broccoli (1 cup)
  3. Tri-color Peppers (2 small)

What’s next?

Line the small pan with grapeseed oil. Add in the beans, broccoli and chopped peppers.  Next, toss in a small fist of turkey crumbles.  Then, add in 1/2 cup egg whites. Men-add in more turkey crumbles, as in a full fist full.  You can even add 2 tbsp of organic ketchup on this dish.  So dang good.  Use those turkey crumbles for lunch tomorrow in Romaine lettuce (make wraps) and have some for later when you stir fry the crumbles with peppers, broccoli, beans, and whatever yummy veggie you can think of.  Only stick to 1/4 cup of beans as I mention on the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION APP which is on BOTH Android and Apple!