Sweet Potato Latkes But Not Really Latkes

Time is valuable to us all, and while many people are lighting the first candle on this beautiful Chanukah eve, I am writing 2 huge articles that are on deadline, and I am slipping in this post for you.  Oy!

So, my fiance loves making potato latkes. He stated that it is impossible to make sweet potato latkes and insisted on traditional potato latkes.  He states that the sweet potato doesn’t hold and it ain’t the same…I say, let me try a new strategy. So here it goes.  Sweet potato discs with the other ingredients on the outside of the potato.  What?  Here:

What to get:

  1. 4 sweet potatoes
  2. Grapeseed oil
  3. White onion
  4. Egg whites
  5. Salt

What to do:

Peel the sweet potatoes.  Then nuke them for 8 minutes (in the microwave). In the meanwhile, cut up the onion into fine pieces or simply buy the onion chopped up for ya if you don’t feel like doing much.  Once the buzzer goes off on the nuker, cut the sweet potatoes into tiny discs.  Fry up some grapeseed oil (oy, did I say fry?) and put in the discs.  Add chopped up onions into the pan, and sprinkle (key word is sprinkle) some kosher salt (use kosher salt otherwise it won’t be a potato latkes for Chanukah-JK!) on them.  Pour in the egg whites and flip the discs as the eggs cook.  Once the eggs are cooked, the discs are done.  Serve about 5 discs along with some onions and egg whites with it.  Boom, there is your uh, quasi sweet potato JZ FITNESS version latkes for this year.  Try it and please post your comments on Facebook HERE!  Watch the Video below on how to make this magic come to life!