Arrabbiata Turkey from Italy

Ain’t that catchy for a dish name?  I come up with names literally from the top of my head and then plop them onto the blog so hopefully these names inspire you to create them yourself.  This dish was quite delish and is actually from LA, but it’s done Italian style.  Easy to make, and very tasty.  I am a lover for my Arrabbiata Cioppino dish so this dish was inspired by that dish.  The Ariabatta sauce at Trader Joe’s is off the charts.  You don’t need to do much with adding to its flavor.  I do like to add a bit spice to all my dishes because I always love the kick.  You can 86 (leave out) the spice and it will still taste amazing.

And so, after a very long day and with limited juice in my gas tank to prep for tomorrow, you get this fabulous dish which should provide you with 5 servings.  Great family dinner, especially for families with kids who hate veggies.  This dish tricks all veggie haters into eating their veggies because it is oh that good!  Ha ha-go get ’em!

Whatcha need:

  1. Empire lean turkey meat
  2. Arrabbiata sauce from Trader Joes
  3. Low sodium and organic vegetable broth (to cook the turkey in)
  4. Garlic
  5. Crushed red pepper
  6. Cayenne pepper
  7. Organic kale
  8. Organic broccoli
  9. Organic cauliflower
  10. Organic Basil
  11. Crushed Pepper

And now what?

First prep the turkey.  Use 1/4 cup of the low sodium soup to cook the turkey in.  Put all the seasoning into the pan with the turkey to cook in: garlic, pepper, cayenne pepper, basil, etc.  Make sure that turkey is fully cooked through.  Break it up in the pan to improve the surface area of the meat for quicker cooking.  Once the turkey is cooked, add the sauce and with the sauce, add all the veggies with it.  Cook this for 5 minutes or so and boom-dinner (and all the leftovers for later) is served.  Keep in mind that if you have a big family, then simply double on the amounts so that you can truly have leftovers for tomorrow. Enjoy!