Wild Orange Roughy n Mushrooms

“Cooks perfectly without thawing and Individually Vacuum Sealed” are the words on the top right corner of the package of my wild-caught orange roughy, both boneless and skinless. Thank you my darling fishermen. I appreciate your five star assistance in prepping my fish so that it can go right from your boat to my plate with no hassles, no drama, little time for prep-ooh how I love ya!

Fish is so good for you, and it is low calorie.  It provides you with omega 3’s which can help with your entire nervous system, hormone production and of course your cell walls.  Healthy fat in the diet goes a long way, especially in the form of tuna and salmon.  To vary it up and veer away from fishy fish, choose orange roughy-wild caught of course!

An idea that I got from Trader Joes frozen veggies (which a lot of these healthy veggies have corn starch, wheat and other junk that you don’t need!), I came up with a delicious mushroom dish.  I am not a huge fan of mushrooms (taste doesn’t appeal to me unless disguised in a dish), but I decided to go for it.  Get this-wild orange roughy with sauteed mushrooms and broccoli on top.  The recipe is below.

What to get:

  1. Wild caught orange roughy (any supermarket sells this)
  2. Organic lemon (don’t be stealin’ from your neighbor)
  3. Salt and pepper to sprinkle on the fish
  4. Olive oil
  5. Tajin (looooooooove this stuff!)
  6. Pre-cut crimini mushrooms
  7. Fresh cut garlic
  8. Garlic powder
  9. Capers
  10. Organic broccoli

What to do:

I first ran cold water over the fish for 12 minutes while I did desk work.  Afterwards, I cut the individually wrapped bag open to ready-to-cook fish.  I placed it in a pan with 2 tbsp of olive oil, and seasoned the fish with tajin, garlic powder, salt and pepper and lemon.  After the fish was almost fully cooked, I tossed some capers in for flavor.  After the fish was done cooking (doesn’t take long-depends on how high the flame is), I put the fish on a plate and began the veggies.  Simply add in 1 tbsp of olive oil place the chopped mushrooms and broccoli in with fresh minced garlic and tajin in along with some more fresh squeezed lemon.  Once the veggies are done (the broccoli will be  a deep green), then scoop them up (about 2 fistfuls worth) and dump them over the fish.  Eat away…So good!