Ariabatta Cioppino

I understand that many of you reading either hate to cook, don’t have the time to cook, or just love eating out because it “tastes” better.  Either way, your goal is to age well and feel great both internally and externally.  You can’t eat poorly, not exercise your body and have optimal health.  However, you can take babysteps in achieving optimal health by not only reading my weekly blogs and opting into my monthly newsletter, but by actually using the tools I provide you through all of these mediums is what will bring you one step closer each day.

You’ve gotta stop stressin’ about your weight.  This doesn’t change anything.  Action steps change things.  Your action step is reading right now.  You action step is going to Trader Joes and getting the ingredients below for yet, another amazing JZ Fitness dish that I just LOVE.  Please remember that I am a New Yorker, so when I say it’s good, it is based on the fact that I am a foodie too and I get it.  So without further ado, please enjoy this amazing Italian dish and send a new link (including this one) to every single person you love out there so that we can all break the chains of obesity in this country.  Yes WE CAN!  It takes leaders (tool #100) like you to help me help the ones YOU love!

This is such an easy dish it is ridiculous. Go to Trader Joes. Consider this a Trader Joes Healthy recipe!


-The Seafood blend in the frozen section (scallops, squid and shrimp)
-The Arriabata TJ marinara sauce (delish!)
-Crushed garlic
-Bag of organic broccoli
-Bag of organic baby spinach
-Bag of crimini mushrooms

What to do:
-Cook the fish in a wok if you have one in 4 tablespoons of olive oil or grapeseed oil with the crushed garlic. After about 5 minutes, toss the fish into a separate big deep pan where all the other ingredients are. Yes, literally just toss the whole bag of broccoli (I broke the pieces up for all the veggies, or you can go big-choice is yours!)

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