Turkey Lettuce Wrap Made Easy

Burger on a bun with a large fries -PLEASE!  Umm…Perhaps not.  It’s time to join in the movement away from poor nutrition and although this sounds mouth watering, it is causing most of you who are reading to crave carbs, fats and salt in subsequent meals.  Your meal choices will indeed impact what your brain wants next.  I know, it stinks.  It stinks even more when your friend eats this stuff and doesn’t gain an ounce of weight.  That is another conversation.  The fact is, you might not be happy with your body and with the proper action steps taken by-YOU, you can be happy sooner than you realize. If you have a lot of weight to lose, then start today so that by this time next year, you will own a much more positive speech, ok?

Instead of a burger and fries, switch to a lean turkey meat burger with sauerkraut, tomatoes, ketchup and whatever veggies you’d like to toss in there.  I didn’t make it this time, but grilled onions rock this type of wrap.

So, here are the ingredients.  Short, simple and very very quick to make.  Remember, I am a very busy girl who loves to eat so I produce yummy tasting on the go meals that are low glycemic (get my book and you will learn all about it!) and very nutrient dense.  A healthy body is a healthy mind and vice verse.  It’s time to break your chains.  Just do it!© as Nike says!


  1. Empire Lean Turkey Meat (it MUST MUST be lean)
  2. Bubbie’s sauerkraut
  3. Heirloom tomatoes (if in season)
  4. Romaine lettuce leaves in a bag ready to go
  5. Grilled onions (optional)
  6. Container of chopped shallots, garlic and onions
  7. Santa Maria Seasoning (or any chicken rub seasoning)

How to do it:

The ingredients that are listed along with the turkey burgers are all pretty much ready to go.  How difficult is it to take sauerkraut out of a jar?  Exactly!  And, grocery stores sell the Romaine lettuce in little bunches all placed in a big bag -three bunches usually.  You simply open up the bunches and either make a lettuce wrap out of several leaves or you chop up the romaine and put the burger on top of a lettuce salad.

The burger: Season it with the rub and if you get the little tray of shallot-garlic-onion chopped up from Trader Joes, then you just take a handful of that and put it directly into the meat .  Take grapeseed or olive oil and sprinkle no more than 2 tbsp of it onto a deep pan.  Then separate the turkey meat into little patties.  Cook till thoroughly cooked through.  Once the burger is cooked, put it onto the lettuce with the other ingredients and feel free to top it off with 2 tablespoons of organic ketchup.  This is such a great snack to bring to work.  Check out the video below for more clarity and as always, some JZ love!