Tacoless Turkey Taco

I love love and I mean love the team over at Trader Joe’s. No matter which I go to, they are always friendly, positive and willing to help you out. There is something in their hiring process that they’ve got down pat and I really commend TJ’s for that.

Anyhoo, I walked in there the other night and had no idea what to cook. I was unable to do my usual research so I empowered one of their team leaders to tell me what I should make with lean ground turkey meat. He said, ooh! Turkey tacos are excellent. And I said, “turkey tacos aren’t good for you..” and he said, “turkey tacos without the tacos?” I said “YES!” So him and I skedaddled through the aisles to find the ingredients which are below. Check it out yo!

What to get:

  1. Lean Turkey meat (I love Empire-make sure it is less than 8g of fat)
  2. Taco seasoning
  3. Avocado
  4. Small baby tri-color peppers in a bag
  5. Organic black beans
  6. Chopped romaine lettuce
  7. Pico de gallo
  8. Low fat sour cream
  9. Low sodium vegetable broth

How to make:
In a pan, put the turkey meat in with the taco seasoning on top. Blend it in and as the meat cooks, add more. Cut up the peppers into little slices and put into the dish once the meat is 90% cooked through. Then add the black beans immediately after. Once the meat is all cooked through, then line a plate with 1/2bag of the Romaine lettuce and put two spoon fulls of pico de gallo on the side. Place the cooked turkey meat on top of the lettuce and then top it off with a tbsp of the sour cream. Dinner is now served (or whatever meal you wish to serve this as!) Enjoy!