Wild Tajin Cod

Just as the name implies, get yourself some wild fish and throw out the farm raised garbage.  Many people eat Tilapia, the cheap white fish that most body builders live off of, but it is farm raised which isn’t as optimal as wild fish.  Wild fish possesses optimal levels of omega 3’s, and doesn’t contain contamination from methylmercury, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which is found in some farm raised fish.  Although uncommon, the risk remains possible in farm raised fish, so why not just eat the wild stuff which almost guarantees good quality?  Besides, you are what you eat-wild thang!

I loooooove Tajin.  Have you tried this stuff?  It is a tangy spice that you can get either here or in some grocery stores.  I found my bottles at Smart n Final.  You will see this stuff in the recipe for this dish.

Speaking of which, this dish is not only low glycemic and tasty, but it is inexpensive and very easy to make.  So, you ready to maximize your potential by optimizing your health?

Let’s do it:


  • Wild cod (frozen at Trader Joes or Whole Foods)
  • capers
  • lemons
  • red onions
  • Tajin (I think Walmart also sells this stuff!)
  • 4 bell peppers (all colors)
  • organic asparagus stalks
  • light butter

Now what?

Cook the fish, asparagus, and peppers on the bbq. BBQ isn’t the only option, you can broil everything in the oven too.  Otherwise, find some industrial strength tin (mine was thin so the fish juice ran on the floor cause the tin broke-oy!) and place sliced lemons on the bottom of the tin.  Then place the cod fillets on top of the lemons and shake Tajin onto the fillets.  Place capers on top of the fish, squeeze a lemon on and then line the fillets with cut red onion.

Cut the bell peppers into vertical slices and place into a different tin.  Squeeze fresh lemon on top of the peppers and shake some Tajin over them.

With the asparagus, shake some tajin and put up to 1 tbsp of light butter onto the stalks.

Once the food is done bbq (like 15 minutes max!) then eat up!

This dish is low glycemic, low calorie and just delicious.  Check out my video.  Be sure to subscribe to YourFitnessTips so that you can learn more about how to optimize your health!