Wild Salmon with Sylvie (JZ’s Grandma)

Salmon with Sylvie!  I just love that title.  Grandma spent 10 days out here in LA with me and I taught her some amazing healthy low glycemic dishes that she just loved.  I knew that Grandma loves wild Alaskan salmon because she went to Alaska years ago and she claims that they have by far the best salmon known.  So, in shopping at Trader Joes, we purchased some Wild Alaskan Salmon, put the chef hats on, and got it cookin’.

Super easy to prep and cook as always, so before you fret the logistics, realize that this dish is suitable for a 5 year old child (virtually all of my dishes are!)  So here is what you need:

1) Wild Alaskan Salmon

2) Capers

3) 5 organic lemons

4) Sweet Potatoes (1 per person)

5) Sour Cream lite (optional to put onto potato)

5) organic broccoli

6) organic black beans

7) crushed jalapeno tomatoes

8) Butter lite (to place on fish to cook)

9) Fresh garlic

10) Tajin

What to do:

Cook the Salmon in lemon juice with capers and put 1 teaspoon of butter on top.  You can broil the fish or BBQ grill it.  In the meanwhile, in a small skillet, place the beans, broccoli and crushed tomatoes to cook in fresh garlic.  Sprinkle some tajin into the dish too for flavor.  You may add additional veggies of choice into this stew.  Keep the action simple.  Make sure you get those veggies and fiber down.

In the meanwhile, heat up a sweet potato in the nuker for 6 minutes and then cut it in half.  Put 1 tbsp of sour cream onto the potato.

Serve everything together and voila-dinner is served.

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