Chinese Food (Homemade)


No need to feel guilty for eating some Chinese Food.  Make it at home and taste the difference between better ingredients and ingredients that contain MSG or too much salt and sauces.  

Keep it real simple for yourself, especially for you busy folks.  If you shop at Trader Joe's, you can buy all the ingredients -ready to go.  Frozen is ok.  Fresh is always better.  Canned-never! 

Here's What to Get:

Harvest Hodgepodge (frozen) OR

Asian Stir Fry Veggies (fridge section) OR

Asian Stir Fry Veggies (frozen)

Just Grilled Chicken Strips (frozen) OR

Grill your own breast of chicken (white vs. dark meat): 

     Spices to cook with: garlic, Himalayan salt, pepper, turmeric, cayenne pepper

Toasted Sesame Seed Oil

Coconut Aminos vs. Soy Sauce (Whole Foods)

Broccoli florets (optional)

What to do:

Super duper simple.  Gently line an iron clad pan with the sesame seed oil.  Then, empty all the veggies in.  Throw in the chicken. Splash on about 4 tbsp of coconut aminos.  Cover the pan with a big glass pot cover to trap in the steam. Check frequently as to not overcook the veggies.  If you like crunch, cook less.  Remember, that all these items are pre-cooked, including the chicken.  So essentially you are heating up the dish.  If you are making your own chicken, then simply cook your chicken first before heating up the veggies. Take the veggies out to defrost.

If you choose to cook your own chicken: baste the chicken in all the spices listed above.  I personally like to create flatter chicken breast so you can pound it till it's flattened out.  It cooks it quicker.  Spice the chicken on both sides.  Once cooked thoroughly through (via grill, stove or oven) cut it into strips.  Toss into the pan with the veggies.  

Enjoy.  This one is a winner! :)