Brussels Sprouts in Bulk

If you know me personally, then you will agree I can sound like a broken record in that I always say "Get mo veggies in yo diet!"  The average person needs 10+ servings of veggies a day.  A day.  Not from yesterday, but each and every day.  And you need a variety of colors.  The more color, the better.  You need options?  Get the JZ FITNESS NUTRITION app.  All veggies provide different micronutrients for your body and your body needs these micronutrients which provide the body with antioxidants.  They are the "spark plugs" for your body.  So without them, your cells cannot function at optimal levels.  That is, all the cells in the body.  In addition, your body needs antioxidants to combat inflammation which happens due to a variety of different environmental factors.  From the air you breathe in, the awesome workout you do, the mental stress you waste your energy on, certain foods, chemicals that surround you, etc etc. Getting these nutrients on the daily are key.  So, I have my staple items I bake up in a big batch, one being brussels sprouts.  They are so dang good. I make 2 bags of them from Trader Joe's.  It's all about how you prep these suckers from them to taste out of this world delicious, or as people say, "delish!" 

So keep your life simple.  Follow the directions below and continue visiting my site to get new easy to do recipes that will help you optimize your health.  You deserve it.

What to get:

  1. Organic brussels sprouts  (I buy 2 bags-but farmers market is fresher)

  2. Avocado oil or Grapeseed Oil

  3. Garlic powder

  4. Himalayan sea salt

  5. Crushed pepper

What to do:

Get a sheet pan.  Line it with tin foil (optional). In a bowl, pour in approximately 1/3 cup of oil over the brussels.  Season with generous amounts of garlic powder, a dash of salt, some pepper (I am sorry but I don't stand in my kitchen all day measuring stuff out so figure it out-ha!) Throw the "marinated" brussels sprouts on the pan (well, you know what I mean...) and put into the oven at 400 degrees for like 20-25 minutes.  And boom-you've got yourself some awesomeness.