Turkey Burger on a Bed of Veggies

Variety is key.  You have your veggies, your protein, which will equate to a complete meal given all component of fiber, fat, protein and veggies.  These pickled items offer great probiotics.  This meal was fabulous!

What to get:

Lean turkey meat (I love Empire)

Live Butter Lettuce

Turmeric spiced cauliflower (Make this and have it ready for various meals.  Simply bake cauliflower in avocado or olive oil and turmeric, garlic and pepper)

Brussels sprouts (check out THIS POST) to make these and have them ready

Grilled onions (simply grill them with the turkey meat)


Pickled beets (just 3 slices)

What to do:

Best to prep the grilled veggies first before hitting this meal up.  Your brussels and cauliflower are two dishes to have ready for this dish and many others.  Check out my brussels sprouts in bulk blog post.  That is what you do with your cauliflower.  Then you simply need pickled beets (optional) and pickles that we get from the farmer's market.  The cooking is really only the turkey meat and the onions.  Turkey meat gets garlic powder and crushed pepper.  I keep it simple.  Sometimes I put Adobe spice onto my meats.  I used the BBQ grill for these two items.  Minutes later, I put it all together and boom, here was my meal!