Green Smoothie

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YEAH, BABY!  Dr Alan liked it, finally!!! Whoot Whoot!!! Super exciting way to open this post because my mission has been to get him to up the ante on his veggies as I am a HUUUUUUGE believer in needing more veggies in the plan every single day.  He has been taking Juice Plus  for 3 years which was a huge step and now we are kicking things up even more!

Green smoothies are great for you, your spouse and especially your kids.  It is a great way to hide many many many veggies all in one sip.  

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A few key points:

1)    BASE:  WATER OR UNSWEETENED ALMOND MILK (I like vanilla flavored)

2)    Throw in the kitchen sink.  The more colors of the rainbow in this smoothie, the better.

3)    Let your sweetener come from natural sources such as lemon, red apple, or a red beet.  Notice I said A red beet vs red beetS.  Avoid too much sugar forming items in this recipe.  I ended up adding ¼ frozen banana to mine for flavor for my man.

4)    Blend on slow.  You will see how my blender went right to work and almost blew my kitchen up (just kidding) Slow speed, manipulated by the dial to control the blending rhythm.

5)    Make a lot of it to drink throughout the day.  Buy storage for what you don’t drink.

6)    Get your kids and spouse involved.  You will see my main squeeze almost gagged but after the banana, he was like, I can do this!  Of course I didn’t capture that on video.  Of course!

In my shake, I had:

·      Combination of GREENS 4 cups (Kale-Dark Green Romaine leaves-Mixed Greens)

·      6 organic baby carrots OR 2 long organic multi color carrots

·      1 whole avocado

·      1 red apple (remove the label before you wash-oy!)

·      ½ lemon squeeze

·      optional beet

·      cucumber

·      1 fresh vine tomato

·      optional broccoli

·      optional celery

·      optional parsley

·      optional 1/4 frozen banana (especially for the new-bees to green smoothies)

Blend slowly, pouring some for now and storing some for later…Share the wealth of this blended glory and get ready to think very clearly!  Enjoy my mission to add more veggies to YOUR body every single day! Xo JZ