Always add salad!

No matter what you eat for lunch or dinner, couple your meal with a salad.  I am always encouraging people to consume as many greens and veggies each day as possible.  You can never have enough in your day.  Most people fall into the habit of easier options and end up succumbing to suboptimal nutrition.  Take your lunch for example.  A sandwich will not give you optimal nutrition.  A burger and fries will not either!   Just like you brush your teeth everyday, you must eat your veggies every day.  Just like you show up to work every day, you must move your body in some way every day.  Everyone asks me how I stay in such tip top shape and how I possess loads of energy.  Simple-I eat well, I exercise, I manage my stress levels, I sleep 7 hours a night, and I drink a lot of water every single day.

You have to somehow find it in your conscious state of thinking to simply take care of yourself the way you never have before.  Start scheduling time for yourself.  Start prioritizing your meal preparations, your workouts, your calm moments in your day.  Start really giving back to yourself so that you ditch the “Ican’t” attitude and you adopt an “I can do anything!” attitude.  How you feed your body is how you feed your mind.  Feed it junk, you will feel like crap!  Guaranteed.

For your convenience, I have put together 3 of my favorite easy to make salads for your convenience:

Dole Salad kit: (only 2 tablespoons of dressing)  and you may add a protein if you are eating it alone.  These kits are sole at your local grocery in the produce section.

Hedda’s magical salad: Lettuce, yellow bell pepper, salt, pepper, dill, 1 small avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes chopped up with oil and vinegar (only 2 tbsp of oil)

Broccoli salad: 1 head broccoli,  1/2 chopped red onion, 1/4 cup low fat cheese with 2 tbsp of  olive oil based mayonnaise and vinegar

Make enough to last for 2-3 meals.  Make your life easier!  Be healthy so that you can think clearly, feel great and age gracefully!  How badly do you want that?  Then as Nike states, just do it! xo JZ