Whole Foods cooks for you?

Yes they do!  But, not all Whole Foods stores do unfortunately.  There are several by me who cook in the deli department as well as in the fish department.  And, they don’t charge you extra for it either.  Can you believe it?  So, if you’re a busy body and you just need a healthy meal on the go, then go to Whole Foods.  The prepared food counter also has a large variety of side plates you can order with the protein you got cooked for you.  What protein can you get cooked?  Any fish (which you should season versus dress with dressings) or perhaps a turkey burger.  There is even a salad bar, too. Many options to choose from.  Just stay away from the fattening stuff!

Below is a list of prepared food items from Whole Foods that has the JZ stamp of approval.  (the video will show you how delicious my meal was!)  These items still require you to measure out the portions so don’t go eating a whole 2 lbs of Nola Beet Salad and say, “But JZ told me I can!”  Portion control is everything.  You don’t understand portion control, contact me directly!  Otherwise, stay within the portions that are fit for you.   Get a measuring cup and a kitchen scale.  Better yet, go to Whole Foods and have them pre-measure out the items into small containers and voila!  You are within the right portion!  Always add a vegetable to your main meals.  Stay away from high glycemic stuff.  You do NOT need it!  Do you know what’s considered to be a high glycemic carb?  Think.  If not, you must read my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools!

You want to age gracefully?  Then treat your body with kindness.  Love yourself endlessly. Your life is truly a precious gift! Don’t ever take it for granted.  Eating junk food IS taking it for granted!

From the Prepared Foods Counter

Green Beans Almondine-Add protein

Lemon Cranberry Quinoa-Add protein

Quinoa Cakes-Add Protein (ie: Greek yogurt)

Red Quinoa Salad-Add Protein (ie: chicken breast)

Tuscan white bean salad-Add protein

Sweet Potato Latkes with almonds and currants-add protein

Mediterranean Tuna

Chili Lime Chicken Breast

Sesame Chicken Salad

Herb roasted turkey breast

Mediterranean Chicken salad

Turkey Burger

Turkey Meatloaf

Emerald Sesame kale

Butternut squash with chard

Rosemary grilled chicken breast

Steamed beets with ginger

Chinese green beans

Whole Foods Turkey Meatballs