A healthy workplace

I always think that everyone has the luxury of going to a job that has the right tools in place to be healthy.  Here is a quick checklist to see if this applies to you:

1) a refrigerator

2) a water dispensory

3) a lunch break

4) a boss that cares about your wellness

If you have those top 4 items, then you are good to go!  Now, it’s up to you to use those resources.  In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, I discuss the importance of leading a group through healhty behaviors as the leader!  Yes, I am saying that YOU should be the leader!  Why?  If you are striving lose weight and be healthy, then leading your office through building the appropriate environment for this to happen will make your life easier and surround you with supportive energy!  Let’s make this fun!  Who can send me an original idea of what they did with their office?  There is so much you can do.  Let me share three ideas with you:

1) Cook for each other each month.  Sorta like a pot luck!  Everyone should sign up for a day of the month where they prepare a meal and educate the office on how they put it together.  Great way to learn new about new dishes and also facilitate a healthy environment.

2) Have everyone purchase Breaking the Chains of Obesity and post a tool of the week at work to work on!  Everyone should strive to master that tool.  At the office meetings, go around and share each person’s success with that tool!

3) Have an affirmation jar in the middle of the office.  Every Monday, everyone should put in a one sentence affirmation.  During the week, each person should pick out an affirmation and put it on their desk where they can read it and enjoy it.  Everyone can then guess who wrote which affirmation.  You can even do it in the form of a famous inspiring quote.  Whatever works!  Check out my girl Jennifer Pastiloff’s blog to learn more about her inspiring ways of manifesting amazing energy into everyone’s lives!  Make it fun!

We spend most of our days in the office.  Why not bring some excitement and intentions of good health toward our weekly experiences!  It’s truly up to us to manifest these possibilities!

Enjoy my video about my yummy Whole Foods chicken skewers!  BTW, they are out of them, but I have put in a request for them!  Come on Whole Foods, bring them back!