Chicken and broccoli?

Chicken and broccoli and other veggies are indeed a low glycemic meal!  In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, I place such an emphasis on low glycemic eating.  Most of the country has no idea what that means simply because it’s really just a concept, and an intangible habit that many people struggle to adopt.  Part of breaking your chains from struggling with your food addictions is diving into the experience of eating exactly what you should for at least 4 weeks so that you can truly experience the benefits that this type of nutrition brings.  What will you experience?

  • Higher mental acuity
  • Less bloat
  • Weight loss
  • Satiety
  • Better sleep
  • More Energy

The American diet is far beyond the scope of what we should be eating.  With that said, will you continue to be with the masses and eat whatever makes you feel happy in the moment or will you take the first step in the right direction of breaking your chains to the American way of life?  It’ great to be proud Americans.  But it’s even better to be  proud Americans who can sustain optimal, healthy lives!  Food for thought…Check out my meal idea for the day..

Jennifer ZerlingComment