Fish stir fry

Quick, don’t make me work!  Don’t make me chop or cook, or do anything, but make me healthy, I say!  Alright people!  It is midway through 2012.  Are these your words still?  Are you still not availing yourself to at least 20 minutes of me time a day?  If not, what is yo problem?  What is holding you back?  Nothing?  Good!  Then keep on reading.  If you have a time issue, still keep on reading, but please please please, read my book, Breaking the Chains of Obesity.  It is time for you to break your chains from an undesirable weight and allow your body the right to be lean and healthy.  This is all in your hands.  Don’t going through life with the intention of living for anyone but yourself.  Only you can put you as number one!  Everyone comes next.  Trust me, if you put everyone first, you are not as effective as you think.   Your mood is down, your behaviors are not conducive to being completely helpful and you have no energy.  If you think that this isn’t true, you are fooling yourself.  This doesn’t have to be you!  You deserve to feel great!

I am not saying be a selfish individual.  But let me give you a scenario that you will understand.  I was working with a woman who is very entangled in her family’s drama.  Her mother is obese, her father is MIA, and she has no idea what she wants to do in life.  I have had endless talks with her regarding her need to transition to a place that allows her to take better care of herself.  She is overweight, depressed and down on life.  Though her family mental health may not improve any time soon, she isn’t doing anything to better her own mental health.  She is eating poorly, never exercising (she cancels on me a lot) and claims that she has it all under control.  I have helped her lose 25 lbs in the past when she was motivated, but I believe, just based on what I see, that she has put back at least 10 lbs.  She claims she weighs the same.  Who is she fooling? Not me!

I write these blog posts so that you all can feel a strong sense of empowerment to learn about a new recipe that is JZ approved and work toward a lean way of life.  It is a journey, I must say!  But it all begins in your willingness to do the work so that you can be in the body you wish to be in!  Start today.  No more waiting.  Here is one of my fabulous recipes….my stir fry recipe:

  1. Salmon and scallops
  2. Snap peas
  3. Yellow Pepper
  4. Portobella Mushroom
  5. Yellow and Green Zucchini
  6. Garlic
  7. Onion

Enjoy the video below!