Urth Caffe

Southern California is the land of the salads.  It is also the land of healthy, organic eating, which is why I love living here.  I leave my home every morning at 6:20 am, feeling a breath of freshness and the desire to eat a well balanced diet and of course, exercise!  My first patient arrives at 7am sharp.  I have to have a sharp mind and delivery so that my patients are ready to rock and roll with their bad selves.  I can’t be lacking.. I can’t be dragging.  Who is gonna want to follow a tired JZ?  I wouldn’t want to!  So, having energy is very important to me.  What gives any human being energy?  No, not coffee.  Sorry!  Proper nutrition, proper hydration, proper exercise, proper rest and proper stress management!  That’s it!  Well, I’m not suggesting that mastering these variables is an easy task!  But that is why you’re a fan of JZ Fitness.  I am here to remind you that these  5 variables are the most important, or at least should be, the most important in your life, for life!

Just talking about this makes me feel tickled!  In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, 107 tools, you can really understand all of this on a very deep level.  Spiritually, emotionally, and conceptually!  It’s crucial that you allow yourself to morph into the person you wish to be.  For example, when you eat out, what you order will determine what type of physique you wish to have!  You wanna be fat?  Then order high glycemic carbs (discussed in my book) all day long!  You wanna be lean?  Then eat like a lean person.  How do lean people eat?  Keep reading my nutrition and eating out posts.  I will continue to build and build and build on your knowledge base.  After a while, you will see that it ain’t rocket science. In time, you’ll read my posts for mere entertainment.  (Be sure you watch the videos.)

So, Urth Caffe.  I was there yesterday, as you can see below.  If you go, avoid their bakery.  I know, I know!  But only fat people run to the bakery.   Is that mean to say?  Not really!   If you see a lean person eating bakery items,whatever!  Ask that lean person, do you eat this all the time.  If they say, yes!  Then slap them silly!  Just kidding, don’t do that!  Most likely, it’s a free day (read my book!)  for those who eat that stuff, or they just don’t care.  My friend Jason is an avid runner and literally eats cakes all day long it seems.  He doesn’t have any fat.  He also runs 15 miles at a time.  You see how he gets away with it?  Back to you though….It’s time to break your chains from fat thoughts.  It takes getting the weight off and then finding a method of sustaining a lean way of life.  This means learning about when it would be appropriate for you to occasionally treat yourself  to something from the bakery.  For now, be a student in your journey, and follow me to Urth Caffe’s JZ approved menu:

Any of these Salads: (dressing on the side) 2 tbsp of any dressing=1 serving

Pesto Chicken

Oven Roasted Turkey


If you’re there for breakfast..

Egg White Omelet is the way to go:

The Italian Omelet

The Salmon Scramble

The Mushroom Omelet

The Spinach and Feta Omelet (tell them light on the feta)

Grilled Vegetable Omelet

Top your omelets with tobasco, salsa, or Tapatio.  Avoid ketchups and heavy sauces.  Always ask if any of their omelets have heavy sauces in which should be placed on the side.  It’s time to be fit!  xo JZ